First set your thing right, whatever you do, It has to be about quality, content, meaning, full of value for your users…do you need another head for creating and fixing your idea or to make it real? we love new challenges and we love to work in a collaborative style.
Once you have a good quality product, a service or an activity, either you sell it or you offer it with a non-profit approach, then it’s all about creating and developing visibility, exposure, connections, content and credibility. Whatever are your publics or targets: external or internal audiences, potential or current customers and clients, partners, your own staff, you name them; you have to start and develop a conversation, an effective communication in both ways, which brings value (money or in other form). Well, we do exactly that, in a professional way, try us.
Don’t hesitate to ask for details. We can tailor our work to your budget and needs.
We can help selling, creating or raising your visibility and credibility, on targets, on budget, our main services are:
•media relations and PR strategies and activities (offline media and digital PR)
•training courses and communication consulting
•promotional campaigns
•marketing (digital web & offline mix)
•networking and contacts campaign with potential stakeholders
•media planning
•production of promotional tools
•sponsorship and partnership consulting
•project management
•event management
•freelance professional management
•artist management
•content management, creative writing.
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